“I would highly recommend The Nobility of Our Hearts as someone in the U.S. who was drafted during the Vietnam War. I found the book informative about what was ‘going on’ in Vietnam from the standpoint of the people living there – undergoing their tremendous trials and upheavals. I have a newfound respect for my South Vietnamese friends and a greater appreciation for having grown up and lived in the United States.” – Gary W. Bryan, M.D.

Meet the Authors

Louis Tuệ Hovanky and Kim Thinh Hovanky, a brother-sister team, are the coauthors of The Nobility of Our Hearts: From Bến Súc to Saigon to Austin, the epic, international story of their mother’s survival and success.


Louis (Tuệ) is fluent in English, French, and Vietnamese. He has a BA in philosophy from Dalat University (Vietnam), and was a teacher of occidental and oriental philosophies at the Vietnamese National Military Academy. During the Vietnam War, Louis was in charge of translating the French and American militaries’ written resources into Vietnamese, and he was also in charge of writing materials for the Vietnamese Office of Research and Development–Joint General Staff. After coming to the United States in 1975 as a refugee, Louis earned a BA in French from California State University, Long Beach, and a teaching credential from California State University, Dominguez Hills. In 1996, he worked as an elementary teacher in California’s Hawthorne School District. Presently, Louis is retired and lives with his family in the Los Angeles area; he works part-time as an airport guide and interpreter at the Los Angeles International Airport.

Kim (Thinh) is a physician. In 1975, during the fall of Saigon, Kim was a college student studying French; however, aft er escaping Vietnam and arriving in the United States as a refugee, she worked at City National Bank in Austin, Texas, then focused on her education. She has a BA in biology from the University of Texas, and an MD from Texas Tech University’s School of Medicine. Kim completed her residency at Texas A&M’s Scott & White Medical Center, and her fellowship at University of Alabama at Birmingham. She specializes in Internal Medicine, Allergy and Immunology. Kim has written abstracts for research published in peer-reviewed journals; she has also written for weather.com’s column “Ask the Allergist,” and she has extensively contributed to local newspapers, reporting on the daily allergy and pollen counts. Kim and her family live near Austin, Texas.

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